Apartment/Condominium Complexes-Resort Homes-Subdivision and Neighborhood Complexes-Assisted Living Developments
Monitor/control pedestrian/vehicular traffic for entrances/exits

Your first line of defense is knowing who is coming and going. Metro Security keeps track for you with security officers posted at entrances and exits.

Foot/Bicycle patrols

Whether on foot or bicycle, Metro Security patrols offer a very visible deterrent to crime as well as a quick response in any situation.

Weekend/Vacation home watch
Do you have additional properties in or out of town? When you're not there, be sure everything is secure with regular checks by Metro Security.
Construction Sites-Office Buildings-Strip Malls-Parking Lots
Visitor control/documentation
Make sure you know who is coming and going at your business. Who are they? Who are they with? Who will they be seeing? How long will they be on the property? Metro Security helps you keep track of all visitors.
Shipping/Receiving monitor
Secure your loading area with cameras that cover the entire area.
Employee Check-in/out monitor
If you need the heightened security of supervised employee traffic, Metro Security can help monitor the arrival and departures of employees.
Student control/monitor
Control incoming and outgoing students by use of visual inspections, physical inspections, metal detectors, etc.
Unauthorized visitor control
Keep unauthorized, undesirable personnel from entering the building or school grounds.
Monitoring parking lots
Keep your parking lot secure with marked patrols monitoring traffic and other lot activity.
Monitoring entrances/exits

Knowing who is coming and going is a big part of securing your property. We'll monitor all the entrances and exits, allowing only those who have business with you onto the property.