Undercover workplace investigations

If you suspect employee misconduct in your workplace, Metro Security investigates to obtain the facts.

Security camera installation

Whether you have residential or commercial property, Metro Security can provide survaillance cameras to help monitor activities. Choose from overt or covert camera systems.

Alarm monitoring

An alarm is no good if there's no one there to react to it. Metro Security can monitor any or all of your alarms, ensuring a prompt verifyable response to any situation. Metro Security's alarm response is for both commercial and residential protection. We respond to alarm calls from your monitoring company, conducting a complete patrol of the site. This patrol includes a resetting of your alarm.

Personal security/escort service

Certain situations call for special security measures. Metro Security can protect your personal safety for special events or simple day-to-day activities.

Insurance fraud investigation

Do you have doubts about certain claims/claimants? Metro Security can help prove or disprove declarations made by insureds.

Canines-nationally certified/professionally trained

Metro Security has trained dogs for uncovering suspicious activities at schools, workplaces, home...wherever the need arises.

24-hour emergency response

Metro Security personnel are trained to respond quickly and efficiently to all emergencies, no matter what time of day or night.


Metro Security offers many services related to consulting and investigations. These include:

  • 24-hour surveillance for domestic matters and possible insurance frauds that include medical malpractice and workman's compensation
  • Criminal investigations
  • Civil investigations including spousal checks and child custody
  • Civil and criminal process serving
  • Detailed confidential security consulting at your business or residence
  • 24-hour documentation through video surveillance.
  • Threat assessment services which include workplace violence assessments and interventions
  • Investigations into difficult or dangerous employees and/or disgruntled customers
  • Investigations of general stalking cases/domestic violence