Neighborhood/Small Businesses Shared Security Services
There's strength in numbers. That's especially true when speaking of security. When you join neighbors/neighboring small businesses to support a shared community watch program, you're forming a galvanized front against security risks.
What is it?

Neighborhood/Small Businesses Shared Security Services is a relatively new line of security service that includes a mobile patrol and alarm response. It can be combined with an alarm package that includes monitoring and dispatching of patrol officers for a verified response.

A cooperative of this type is very efficient, allowing you to keep costs down while receiving the very best in security services. It is ideal for neighborhoods and groups of small businesses that may not have security measures other than alarms.


This unique Metro Security service offers you reliable protection when you need it most - at night, during weekends, and anytime you're away, when your property is at its most vulnerable.

What sets this service apart from other security measures? We don't wait for something to happen. Trained Metro Security patrol officers are both visible and vigilant, patrolling your neighborhood/businesses in marked vehicles, inspecting your property and ensuring its security.

You will also receive self-adhesive decals for placement in windows, doors, fences, etc., as an added measure of protection. This highly visible signage sends a powerful message to criminals looking for easy targets.

Who can use it?

Candidates for this service include organized neighborhood groups, defined small business districts, and any other organization that wants the added protection of dedicated security patrols.

This Neighborhood/Small Businesses Shared Security Services offers you peace of mind without carving out a large piece of your budget.